The Drops | Toilet Odor Eliminator

The Drops Dispenser

The Drops Dispenser

The complete toilet odor eliminating system!

The DROPS Dispenser combines the world's most amazing odor eliminator with an easy to use dispensing unit. It is easy to install and easy to use! Just clip the dispenser to the rim of your toilet and press the button to release The Drops into the toilet water prior to "answering nature's call". Just a drop or two before you poo and the odor will disappear! No hassles, no mess, no odor! Every dispenser includes a FREE bottle of The Drops! Buy one for every toilet in your home, office, RV or Boat. Only $19.99.

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Order w/ Citrus Bubble Scent Included
The Drops Dispenser set up video

Watch the video demonstrating how quick and easy it is to set up The Drops Dispenser for use!

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Add The Drops™ and the smell stops! Safe. Easy. Convenient. Powerful. Guaranteed.