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Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy.

Toilex is a customer centric company. Your business is important to us and we understand our obligation to keep your sensitive personal information private.

Privacy Statement

Any and all information you provide Toilex will not be shared with any entity outside the the employ of Toilex at any time or for any reason, under any circumstances. Information required for business transactions including billing addresses and credit card numbers will not be maintained any longer than is required to complete the transaction. When the transaction is complete any and all information will no longer be stored.

A note about online security...

In an effort to make certain we meet our privacy goals we utilize the strongest data encryption methods allowed by Federal law. Currently we incorporate the use of 256–bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Encryption. This means that any information you share with Toilex is safe and secure at all times during your transaction. We pledge to always use the strongest encryption technology legally available.

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