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February 28th, 2010

We want to let you know how much we appreciate and value your continued patronage here at The Drops. Actions speak louder than words though, so to that end, we’ll be sending out special savings offers to all of our existing customers (via email) roughly once per month for the rest of the year. Be sure to stay on the lookout and take advantage of them! Hint: The first one will be going out in the middle of March so if you’re not already user of The Drops, make sure you try one of great products soon!

Greetings from The Drops

January 5th, 2010

It’s new year, a brand new start. Some of us already made their new years resolution lists, while others did not. Some spent it out with friends, while others with the family. New year is another ending but also a new beginning, many things are meant to change while others meant to stay.

You may choose changes for the coming year, new salad set, new TV set, new hairstyle, new house paint or even new partners, if that’s how you want it to be, so be it and let it be for the good.
There are things you may choose to keep, like friends, fashion, perfume, beliefs and even you’re “The Drops” toilet odor eliminator, again let it be for good.

Whichever way, we at The Drops by Toilex would like to wish prosperous New Year to all!

How to clean your toilet fast and effectively

October 15th, 2009

A clean, smell-free toilet is an asset every house should have. Regular cleaning and maintenance is the key to achieve this. With the use of toilet bowl cleaners and deodorizers, you are on your way to a clean and odor-free toilet. General cleaning of toilet should be done once or twice a week to prevent it from being grimy.

Here are some tips in cleaning your toilet fast and effectively:

  • Be safe. Always wear rubber gloves while cleaning and using toilet cleaners. If you are using string chemical toilet cleaners, wear mask.
  • Be familiar with the toilet cleaners you are using. Read the labels and instruction of the toilet cleaners on how it should be use. Remember to be careful in mixing bleach with toilet cleansers as this may result to the release of toxic gases. It is important to learn the exact chemical makeup of your toilet cleansers.
  • Laundry bleach can help in removing rust stain under a toilet-bowl rim. For stubborn stains, you can use extra-fine steel wool or sandpapers.
  • In cleaning bath tub and sink, do not use chemical toilet cleaners as it may ruin the finish. Instead, use a regular cleaning soaps.
  • It is also important that you have a long-handle brush that will make cleaning toilet bowl a lot easier.
  • If you have waste basket inside your toilet, be sure to regularly dispose trash and disinfect it.
  • For overnight cleaning, you can put 1/4 cup of borax or 2 tablets of denture cleansers in the toilet bowl, leave it overnight and scrub the stains away in the morning.

All is done. But wait! Don’t forget to clip the dispenser of your The Drops toilet dispenser to the rim of your toilet bowl before moving to your next cleaning area.

You Won’t Know Until You Try

September 15th, 2009

When you are watching TV or while driving on your way to office, have you notice the different advertisements, billboards and banners trying to promote different products? I know you do, but maybe you are more focus on the model wearing the skinny jeans while thinking if it will look good to you too. How many advertisements or billboards of different products in the same category have you seen and watched every day? How many of them convinced you and how many of them proved all their claims?

We live in a world of competition. And to be able to win, one must stand out among the rest. This is where advertisement comes in. Advertisement helps in convincing the consumers to choose or try one product over the others; the better the advertising, the higher the chance that a consumer will try the products.

Different tactics can be used to promote the products: famous celebrities, creative banners and jingles to name a few. But the question is, is it really effective? Being a consumer is not easy. With all the advertisements that you can see and watch, it’s hard to choose. Not all of them are true, and you may be in one way or another been faked by these advertisements.

If you’ve been reading this blog and all the previous posts, you definitely know that we are also promoting our products. But the difference is, we will slash all the convincing schemes and instead present you with an honest offer. We know that our products are safe and effective and we are willing to prove it. You may request your FREE SAMPLE so you can prove it yourself.

Why The Drops is Different from Other Toilet Deodorizers

September 1st, 2009

Which is the best toilet deodorizer for home?

As more and more toilet deodorizers can be found in the market, one question that definitely arises is the difference of the products and how they can stand out among the rest. As a consumer, we always want the best, the most effective and the most convenient to use for every member of the family. It is important that we know how the products are different and what is suitable for our lifestyle.

Different products offer different advantages. But which is actually do we need? The best toilet deodorizer is the one that can solve the problem just before it starts. Defecating is the most common source of unpleasant odor in our toilets, and is done even by a 4 year old kid; it is advisable that we choose the toilet deodorizer which is simple, safe, easy to use, yet powerful. Using a toilet deodorizer that comes with a dispenser is the best option that even small kid can use without difficulty. No need to put the deodorizer on toilet tops and cabinets.

So, even if you have some friends or visitors at home, they can easily find the toilet deodorizer that they can use to avoid “polluting” the air at your home. It will save your family and friends from embarrassment and will also save you from the unpleasant smell.

Small things – Our All Time Favorite

August 15th, 2009

Desktop or laptop, telephone or mobile phone, component or disk man, what do you prefer when going out?

In our daily lives, there are things that we need but we cannot take anywhere we want. Think of all the appliances you have at home, which of these can you take with you in the office or in the cafeteria? No matter how much you want to watch NBA, you cannot simply take your television set with you.

In the goal of many companies to give us what we need, they created things that are portable and can be taken anywhere. You cannot take your telephone out of your house, but you can receive and make calls through your mobile phone no matter where you are. You cannot take your component with you, but you can listen to your disk man anywhere you want. You cannot carry your desktop with you, but you can do your typing and surfing with your laptop. Who doesn’t use these little gadgets nowadays?

We love small things, don’t we? We love them because they are portable and we can take them anywhere. We love them because they work just the same as the big ones. Small but powerful, they makes our lives easier and more enjoyable.

Being small, powerful and portable, this is something that “The Drops” can offer you. You don’t need to carry large can of toilet deodorizer, which is actually telling all the people seeing it, what you’re going to do without saying a word. No more embarrassing looks and smile from your officemates and friends. All you have to do is put it in your pocket or inside your pouch, and nobody will know what will happen next.

Perfect Home

August 1st, 2009

If you dream of making your home a perfect place for your family, your bathroom plays a vital role in making this dream come true. Keeping it odor free is one way to enhance its beauty and welcoming character. A well organized and maintained bathroom gives a refreshing feeling and freshness to every user in your home.

You can find a lot of air fresheners to keep your bathroom smelling clean however, when someone uses a toilet for his “business”, you cannot deny the fact that the odor blends with the air even if you have air freshener. It can be frustrating at times, esp. when you want your house to smell good all the time. The key to avoid this is to stop the odor just before it begins so it won’t blend to the air.

So if you are wondering how you can do that, no need to worry, The Drops can do the work for you. It can make your dream come true for a perfect, odor free bathroom. How The Drops work?

Nancy Redd mentions The Drops

June 7th, 2009

We’ve been meaning to post this in the archives for quite a while and are finally getting around to it. Fans of Nancy Redd will appreciate all that she had to say about The Drops. Read what she had to say on her blog.


August 23rd, 2008

We love hearing from you! Please feel free to participate and have your comments published! Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about The Drops…

“I love my husband to death but whenever he was in the bathroom, the whole house knew it! (Or should I say smelled it!) Thanks to The Drops, the smell is gone and now we can laugh about the way things used to be.”
SK–Waukesah, WI

“The Drops work great on our business trips and surf vacations. We use them because they help us to be more discreet while using the office washrooms and staying in hotel rooms across the country…”
President/Publisher–Women’s Surf Style Magazine

“Wow, you guys have really got a winner with The Drops! I can’t believe how awesome this stuff works! I have a bottle in every bathroom and I never leave home without it!”
CW–Oakland, CA

“I saw your ad but thought your product was just another air freshener. Boy was I wrong! The Drops are amazing!”
ST–Chicago, IL

“My nose thanks you and so do my roommates! Go fighting Irish!”
JF–University of Notre Dame

I thought The Drops would be just another deodorizer – I was stunned when it actually worked. Great product! Now, when people say “You think your crap don’t stink”, I say “Yep, thanks to The Drops – it doesn’t!!!”
RW–Atlanta, GA

“I would avoid using the toilet at work or when visiting a friend’s house due to the possibility of making a bad smell. Now, I carry The Drops with me wherever I go and I never have to worry about being embarrassed again!”
BH–Clearwater, FL

Press Release: The Drops Dispenser

July 15th, 2007

The Drops by Toilex has outdone themselves once again when it comes to eliminating embarrassing bathroom odor. Following the success of their original Lavender Breeze scent as well as their recent introduction of the refreshing Citrus Bubble scent, The Drops by Toilex is rolling out their newest innovation – a dispenser. President William Edwards states,” This is a complete toilet odor eliminating system that combines the world’s most powerful odor eliminator with an easy to use dispensing system.” Over the last two years, The Drops by Toilex has focused on educating consumers about the effectiveness of The Drops as well as its portability. Using the slogan “Portable enough to go where you go”, Toilex proclaims that consumers can eliminate embarrassing bathroom moments where ever they go–office, public restrooms, boat, RV, etc. So why not eliminate foul toilet odor in the home? The company wants consumers to realize that The Drops is just as beneficial when used in their homes – thus the need for an easy dispensing system. Unlike conventional air fresheners and candles, The Drops does not mask the odor but eliminates it. This is how it works. A bottle of The Drops is placed inside the small dispenser. The inconspicuous dispenser is clipped over the side of the toilet bowl and is ready for use. Prior to answering nature’s call, the user presses the red button and a few drops of The Drops is dispersed into the toilet bowl water. The Drops interacts with the water to create a barrier, trapping the odor before it can be released into the air. “People can feel confident that The Drops will eliminate unpleasant and embarrassing toilet odor”, says Edwards. The Drops can be purchased via the secure website at or by calling the automated service at 1–888–MY Drops. For distribution or wholesale inquires, call 219–531–7600 or email

Add The Drops™ and the smell stops! Safe. Easy. Convenient. Powerful. Guaranteed.