The Drops | Toilet Odor Eliminator

How The Drops Works

The Drops works differently than any other conventional bathroom deodorizer.

The Drops attacks the source of the odor and eliminates it rather than masking the odor like air fresheners and candles typically do. Our patented formula interacts with the water to form a barrier that traps the odor before it can enter into the air.

How it works step 1

Step 1

Add 3 or 4 of The Drops to the toilet bowl water immediately before using the toilet.

How it works step 2

Step 2

Our scientific formula interacts with the toilet water and creates a barrier on the surface.

How it works step 3

Step 3

The odor is trapped before the smell enters the air.

How it works step 4

Step 4

A fresh Lavender or Citrus Bubble scent fills the air as the odor is trapped beneath the barrier.

Add The Drops™ and the smell stops! Safe. Easy. Convenient. Powerful. Guaranteed.