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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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How do The Drops work?
The Drops are specially formulated to eliminate unpleasant bathroom odor before they begin by adding a few Drops to the toilet bowl water immediately prior to use. It does not mask the odor with overbearing perfumes and fragrances but removes it. Our patented formula interacts with the water to form a barrier that traps the odor before it can enter into the air.
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How do I use The Drops?
Just add 3–5 Drops to the toilet bowl water immediately prior to answering the "call of nature". You will be amazed how effective this product works!
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Where can I use The Drops?
The Drops can be used by anyone and anywhere there is a toilet. Because The Drops is packaged in a small discreet bottle, you can carry The Drops with you wherever you go or store a bottle at home, the office, your car, RV, boat, etc.
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How many uses are in each bottle of The Drops?
Each bottle contains up to 300 Drops. The number of uses will depend upon how many Drops you dispense each time you use the toilet. Typically, a bottle will last a few months.
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What should I do if I still smell an odor after using The Drops or if the fragrance from The Drops is too strong?
The Drops is an extremely effective way to eliminate bathroom odor but each person's "call of nature" produces different odors and levels of intensity. Next time, increase or decrease the number of Drops that are added to the toilet bowel water.
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Are The Drops available in stores?
Not at this time. The Drops can only be purchased through our website or over the phone at 1–888–MYDROPS.
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Are The Drops safe to use?
The Drops is a safe and effective product but common sense should be used. Caution should be taken to keep The Drops out of the reach of children and away from heat or flame. Do not put in your eyes or swallow. Always follow the product's directions for use.
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How can I contact Toilex?
We value your comments and feedback and look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to contact us anytime at or by using our contact form.
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Are The Drops safe for use with septic tank systems?
Yes, absolutely.
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Add The Drops™ and the smell stops! Safe. Easy. Convenient. Powerful. Guaranteed.